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Nov 22, 2021
Hilary J. Abraham to Leonildo and Shondra Kanda for $169,900, 326 Eldred St.
Carolyn M. and Timothy A. Buehler to Kristen A. Redka and Nathan D. Marshall for $119,900, 930 Almond St.
Edward A. Deparasis, executor of the estate of Orlando A. Deparasis, Sr., to Ronnie Brewer for $70,000, 2216 Boyd St.
Michael D. Jones to Matthew L. DeSanto for $92,500, 905 Sheridan St.
Deborah E. Horriat to Nicole Oliver for $149,900, 820 Oliver Ave.
Carrie J. and Benjamin P. Richards to Maria J. Gerardi and Louis J. Cappello for $330,000, 727 Grampian Blvd.
Mark C. Szybist, executor of the estate of Charles A. Szybist, to McHarris Realty, LLC, for $89,000, 606 St. Boniface St.
Robert A. Donato to Tristan B. and Alivia D. Peace for $349,000, 810 Vallamont Dr.
Michael W. Schon to True Blue Ventures, LLC, for $112,000, 1548 Mount Carmel St.
Michael L. and Caitlin L. McGarvey to Zachary and Ashlee Eryn Frontz Mull for $410,000, 880 Hollywood Circle
Dennis T. and Mary J. Miller to Eldridge Realty, LLC, for $38,000, 623 Green St.
Hilary Abraham and Jared Dozier to JMD Energy LLC for $40,000, 646 Second Ave.
Ronald K. Benner, Jr. and Ghena J. Benner to Nathan Osokow for $212,000, 321 Union Ave.
Kevin W. Harman to Rebecca L. Diehl for $85,000, 1647 Andrews Place
John C. Rishell to McMinn Partners, LLC for $8,500, 613 Poplar St.
L&K Concrete, LLC, to Duane J. and Tammy K. Yeagle for $110,000, 693 Route 15
Walter H. and Margaret J. Turpin to Benjamin M. Gamble and Lillie A. Langlois for $330,000, 243 Dam Run Road
James L. Updegraff, II, to Matthew Keeth for $220,000, 5511 Warrensville Road
Jacqueline A. Harris to Lindsey A. Mitcheltree for $100,000, 2465 Quaker State Road
M&M Investment Properties Corp to Stephanie Styers for $148,500, 530 High St.
Barbara and Thomas Paulhamus, and Martina M. Paulhamus to Martina M. Paulhamus for $100,000, 1102 Allegheny St.
Kelm Properties, LLC to Jaag Properties, LLC for $460,000, 404 High St.
Ethel E. Donley to Timothy E. and Tammie L. Confair for $112,000, 222 Seminary St.
26-007-713 Elizabeth A. Lordi to Richard A. and Kimberly A. Muffley for $180,000, 2424 Vista Road
The Marland Y. DeFonzo Irrevocable Residential and Income Trust to Jacqueline M. Perchinski for $216,000, 1823 Homewood Ave.
Michael Ann Camp, executrix of the estate of Stanley E. Hyland to Jeffrey J. and Jessica D. Brown for $400,000, 3015 Mountain Crescent
Oscar J. Hepburn Sr. and Willamee A. Hepburn to Christopher J. and Natalie J. Wolfe for $187,770, 340 Russell Ave.
Norman L. Hesser to Robert N. Tagge for $97,000
Deborah L. Holbrook, by and through power of attorney Charlene E. Foster, to Alan T. and Joshua A. Wyland for $75,000, 1310 Rural Ave.
John C. McKinney to Bradley H. and Lori J. Rhone for $28,000, Dauber Road
Jeffrey C. Weber to John W. and Sandra A. Probst for $36,000, 4925 Route 287
Robert J. and April M. Bryer to Brian Gibson and Leighann R. Bowersox for $139,000, 81 Warren St.
DPD Properties, LLC, to Nancy J. Reed-Pauling, trustee of the Pauling Family Irrevocable Trust, for $158,000, 422 Fourth St.
First National Bank to Famvest VI, LLC, for $395,000, 301 Broad St.
Gregory J. and Marsha K. Kinney to Jonathon and Andrea Frey for $47,500, 7381 Route 442
Tiffany Ciara Mucciolo and Danielle Cherise Mucciolo, by and through agent Bernadette Williams, to Hallie Q. Gair for $245,000, 555 Auchmuty Road
Danko Holdings, L.P. to Tim Mitchell Associates for $2,900,000
Roger D. and Denise L. Jarrett to Griggs Road, LP, for $185,000, 791 Griggs Road
Sean C. and Andrea N. Reed to Jeffrey and Alanna Siverling for $285,000, 302 Kepner Hill Road
Wilbur R. and Cindy A. Draper to Elizabeth Lordi for $145,000, 2100 Wheatland Ave.
Stone Fortress Residential, LLC to Terrance D. Bates for $144,500, 2054 Mahaffey Lane
David R. and Lousie A. Schott, Jon S. Beadle, Glenn R. and Vivane A. Miller, to Hidden Pines Trust for $800,000, 2257 Oregon Hill Road
Thomas and Helen Quiggle to Andrey Kozlov for $286,000, 490 Frenchman Road
Jeffrey J. Moore, and Jeffrey J. Moore as the executor for the estate of Linda J. Moore to R.W. Dittmar Plumbing, Heating and Oil Company for $328,000, 1323 Cemetery St., Bardo Ave.
Stephen M. and Nina Ross, and Shawn M. and Helayne Ross, to Duane A. and Margaret L. Young for $2,000, 4273 Route 287
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